Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who said the Victorians are dead?

I spent the day in Gettysburg today with my sister. I got a lot of good pictures, but my favorite ones were taken by this amazing fence ^-^ *sighs* Lots of fun. I also got the most beautiful cameo necklace at this adorable little shop! I'm in love with it.
The best part was when we got home and the sky was purple, just like The Birthday Massacre album art :]

I also gave the blog a new look. Enjoy!



theoffbeat said...

oh my god! i live like 30 minutes away from Gettysburg!

Darragh. said...

i love the cameo necklace.

Annie said...

I love...
*your outfit*
*your template*
*your photography*
*your necklace*

La Fée said...

I love that necklace :)

Daniel said...

Necklace is very beautiful,i love it.
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