Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Halloween season at the Asylum!

Autumn begins on Monday 9/22. Being a Wiccan, I'm always excited for the cooler months since the line between the living and the dead is quite thin. Perfect for Magick! I'm simply ecstatic to cast a circle on Monday night...
Did you know that Halloween is a Wiccan holiday? I'm jumping out of my skin since this is the first time I'll experience Hallows Eve as a Pagan. But besides incense and portals, Halloween means COSTUMES! I love an excuse to play dress up...
The lovely dresses you see above are from the website Who doesn't want to be a gothic Vampira, a masquerade queen, or a zombie prom queen?
Hot Topic also has a great Halloween shop ^_^ So check it out!

Absinthe roses and suicide dreams,

Click here to buy the costumes above
Click here to go to the Hot Topic Halloween store

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"A bit 'o this and that"

This post has absolutely no point.
It's just some random shit thrown together.

Okay, well first off I found the pic above on Ployvore (made by the user Sallyfrediani) . There's loads of other gothic lolita sets on there but this was one of my favorites.

Second Emilie Autumn is on tour :] (not that I'm allowed to go or anything)

And finally I stumbled upon this great website for gothic Victorian jewlery:
ENJOY! (some merch pictured at the top)