Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Halloween season at the Asylum!

Autumn begins on Monday 9/22. Being a Wiccan, I'm always excited for the cooler months since the line between the living and the dead is quite thin. Perfect for Magick! I'm simply ecstatic to cast a circle on Monday night...
Did you know that Halloween is a Wiccan holiday? I'm jumping out of my skin since this is the first time I'll experience Hallows Eve as a Pagan. But besides incense and portals, Halloween means COSTUMES! I love an excuse to play dress up...
The lovely dresses you see above are from the website Who doesn't want to be a gothic Vampira, a masquerade queen, or a zombie prom queen?
Hot Topic also has a great Halloween shop ^_^ So check it out!

Absinthe roses and suicide dreams,

Click here to buy the costumes above
Click here to go to the Hot Topic Halloween store


yiqin; said...

I can't wait for halloween to come to go trick or treating!!

luceeey said...

i've never actually been trick or treating. My parents don't agree with it and i guess that brushes onto me. Cooool dresses, just very ott. :)

NewYorkChique said...

ahh I loveee lovee lovee Halloween. such a great time for an excuse to dress up and wear really intense makeup.

Daniel said...

Yes very cool Halloween,its very impressive.
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