Monday, July 14, 2008

Fashion Icon - KANA

Kana is a Japanese pop/rock singer that has some pretty sick style. Before her career in music, she was a model for Gothic & Lolia Bible magazine. I first heard her music in a scene hair video on You Tube. The song is called "Hebi-Ichigo" and I suggest you give it a listen. Her voice is kind of an acquired taste, but I pinky swear it's worth listening to ^__^

Click here to see her adorable website ^__^

Click here to listen to Hebi-Ichigo


NewYorkChique said...

cute blog! wanna link?
and her outfit in that pic is pretty cute =]

mary said...

I love how crazy and awesome lolita style is. i try to water it down from time to time, but I admire those who can pull off the full thing.

ps: post below.... wheres the dress from?

xxreadyxxsetgoxx said...

It's from Forever 21, Mary :)
and thanks newyorkchique :)

Anonymous said...

Will you add ou link to your favs? We added yours!

riley said...

ahhh thats wicked cool! i definitely could never pull it off but its definitely awesome to see such a unique style every once in a while

atouchofpoison said...

sure lucy fashion!
and thanks riley :)

MorenaRena said...

Hey, you're blog is very cute. I got it off Teen Vogue. Wanna link me?

check it out first tho k?

Biianca said...

AHH, I really like your blog!!!!
Thanks for linking me, I will be linking you too!
By the way, my sunglasses shirt is from a store in Sweden called Ahlens.

naroniel said...

love her outfit. its so cute!

Daniel said...

She is very good singer,my dad is also her fan.
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