Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Lace, gloves, pendants, and grace (all in black, of course!)
Here you will find fashion from the late Victorian era to the clothing of today.

Victorian - This era lasted all of queen Victoria's reign. After the queen's husband died in the 1860s, Victoria followed the mourning customs: black crepe fabric, veils, and jet jewelry.
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- Gothic clothing is generally dark and industrial. Spikes, chokers, corsets, etc are all considered goth. They can be considered somewhat sexual since they are related to fetish and bondage clothing. Most modern goths focus on their overall appearance, not just their clothes. Black hair/nails and piercings are all common with them.
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- Most commonly found in Japan, Lolita clothing (in my opinion ^__^) is the most exciting kind of fashion. The young women that wear it always look totally incredible. There is NOTHING uncreative about lolita style!! It's influenced by Victorian childrens clothes and Japanese animee, leaving the wearer looking like a kickass manga character :)
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And when the three are fusioned together, you get something pretty incredible and that's why I'm here to tell you guys all about it ^__^

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